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Visit Pampilhosa

Schist Villages

Here you can visit 27 Schist villages through out the center of Portugal, in a vast territory were can be appreciated the beauty and unique experiences. Two of them are located in Pampilhosa da Serra council, nearby Villa Pampilhosa Hotel - Fajão and Janeiro de Baixo.



An ancient Villa, located on the mountain shell, perched above Ceira river, near it’s spring, between gigantic quartzite, which remind us old natural castels. Ideal for those who loves climbing and escalade this rocks where you can appreciate the Beira Baixa and Estremadura horizons, on a multicolored mountains, which undulation remind us a big mount that take us to Estrela Mountain.

Visit the Churchyard and fell the Old fountain freshness. Walk along the courtyards jail streets and visit the Monsenhor Nunes Pereira Museum to get to the top of the village. There you can enjoy the natural swimmimg pool during the summer days. Along the way you can appreciate the architeture beauty of the buildind surrunding. Follow the story on the ardozia panels that takes you to the Fajão history. After, follow the judge steps, and enjoy the lamb, codfish and the confectionery on the Pascoal restaurant.


Janeiro de Baixo

Zezere river just discover Janeiro de Baixo. Your first sight is the watermill hollow on the rocks. In the villa center you can visit it’s chapels and churchs, surrounded by the river and schist houses.
Janeiro de Baixo is surrounded by a melodious set of mountains, clifs and valleys, rivers that you desire to expore. Inside the villa you can visit also all the religious and architeture heritage. Near by you have Sta Luzia Dam.


If you wish to walk and inspire nature choose which schist route inspires you the most: 

Fajão Boulders

The circuit is the ideal to discover the most interesting landscaped points around the villa. (see more)


Ceira circuit


With beginning and ending on the same point, next to the Fajão church , descent until the Fajão bridge, passing along the S Salvador Chapel. (see more)


Sta Luzia Dam

Beggining on the Sta Luzia Daw wall situated on a big quartzite cliff, of great beauty.
Walk the wall along the shore towards Vidual de Cima. (see more)


"Janeiro de Baixo"

This circuit crosses Janeiro de Baixo villa , situated on the right side of Zezere river. This detail allow the unic melodious set of mountains, cliffs valleys and rivers that you want to explore… (see more)


"Porto de Vacas"

The circuit bennings on the Festas street throught Vale Fragoso accivitous baroque , Birds Valley and House Valley. (see more)