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Passion for Knowledge

The Living Science Center are interactive spaces of scientific and technological distributed throughout the country, serving as platforms for regional development - scientific, cultural and economic - through the dynamics of regional actors most active in these areas, particularly in the case of the Pampilhosa da Serra where is installed the higher Radiotelescope in the country.

Museu Monsenhor Nunes Pereira
Biblioteca Joanina Universidade de Coimbra

The telescope is 9 feet in diameter and a collector area greater than a 2 bedroom apartment (80m2) and was donated by PORTUGAL TELECOM.

This antenna is the GEM operating in the municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra, a partnership of the City Council and the Institute of Telecommunications, with participation of international research institutions related to NASA and EFSA, among them the University of California, the National Research Institute space in Brazil, the University of Milan and the Italian Institute of Astrophysics, also counting Researchers PLANCK Mission space.

This telescope is dedicated to screening of the Milky Way for the use of Space Missions.
Along with this project the City of Sierra Pampilhosa developed an educational program leading to the appearance of two broad lines of action with an impact on the enthusiasm of the Council for Science:

- Will the "Scientists in the Sierra," spurred on by the Science Factory Live at the University of Aveiro and the program "Hands on Universe", coordinated by NUCLIO and install an antenna of 3 meters for remote use by schools throughout Europe.

Additionally will offer the foundations for the installation of a 9-meter Telescope for Solar Explosions traces of a draft supplement to the Space Weather monitoring by EFSA, a project coordinated by the Faculty of Science, University of Porto.