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Passion for Food

In the past, the inhabitants of this County ate what they produced: cheese, milk, bread, potatoes, beans and broth of cabbage and turnip. Stand out in this matter, the handmade goat cheese, honey, honey and brandy fro.
The typical dishes of this mountainous region are the soup botelha the tiborna, the belly, roasted lamb and trout. In the field of confectionery stand out honey cake, the tigelada, nuts and milk and donut it fashioned at the great feasts.


The economy of a county of mountains, like Pampilhosa da Serra, is necessarily linked to the forest and subsistence agriculture. In this context, cuisine emerges as the embodiment of what is produced in the region, reflecting the sui generis way of life of mountain people. In the secluded villages of the county remains a rich cuisine consists of authentic dishes, which lasted throughout the ages and passed down from generation to generation.
Accustomed to a life of arduous and difficult, the people of the mountain differed in other times, the daily supply of food for feast days. Therefore, the plates varied according times.

In the Christmas holiday Couvada reign, the Chanfana the Donut, Pumpkin Dreams, Slices, the rice pudding with milk and nuts. At Easter, the delicacies are different. Maranhos reign, the Baked Goat, the Trout Escabeche, Take the Bread and Honey Cake.

At the time of the Religious Parties is enjoying new dishes, beginning with Caldo Verde or not he would bond with mountainous cauliflower, the Portuguese stew, the Bucho, the tigelada and Olive Oil Cake.
During the year, the most common dishes are Green Bean Soup, the Cabbage Soup Serrana, the soup Botelha the Carolos the Tiborna the Guleima chestnuts and broth.

Besides these dishes, which daily feed this noble people, can not be forgotten the goat cheese, fresh or tanned, nor brandy, honey or arbutus. The choice, this is at the discretion of each!